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  • Bare-bones Noodoe smartwatch measures time through drawings - June 2, 2015
    For a smartwatch—if you want to call it that—the Noodoe is pretty dumb. It relays smartphone alerts, tells the time... and that’s about it. What it does offer is a way to reimagine how to tell the time. Under development by a Taipei startup, Noodoe can display original watch face [...]
  • Nantero's carbon-nanotube memory could replace SSDs and DRAM - June 2, 2015
    A new low-power, high-speed memory technology on the horizon could replace solid-state drives, hard drives and DRAM in PCs, and bring higher levels of storage capacity to mobile devices and wearables. The new memory from Nantero, called NRAM (nonvolatile RAM), is based on carbon nanotubes. The memo [...]
  • Intel cranks up speed of Thunderbolt 3, builds in support for USB - June 2, 2015
    Intel is giving Apple and other laptop makers a reason to put its Thunderbolt high-speed data ports back in their next ultrathin laptops: Thunderbolt 3.0 ports will use the same Type C connector as USB 3.1—but when connected to other Thunderbolt devices, will run up to four times as fast. Thu [...]
  • Review: CyberPower Trinity Xtreme PC looks insane but is surprisingly upgradeable - June 2, 2015
    You know how your sandal-wearing, tablet-toting partner insists on organically grown, free-range, gluten-free water? Gamers are the same way about their rigs and their need for industry-standard parts. Proprietary? Might as well be a genetically modified flesh-eating tomato.  Sure, proprietary [...]
  • Intel launches Broadwell-H chips for desktops and laptops, but world waits for 'Skylake' - June 2, 2015
    While the world waits for Intel’s next-generation “Skylake” chips, the company rolled out the latest members of its fifth-generation Core lineup: the “Broadwell-H” line of socketed processors for desktop and mobile PCs. Intel announced ten new Broadwell-H chips, known [...]


  • Microsoft announces exclusive ID@Xbox One bundle for Australia - June 2, 2015
    A new bundle dubbed ID@Xbox is exclusively available in Australia to showcase the latest and greatest games from independent developers around the world - including Australia.  Games console makers are often putting special bundles together in an attempt to tempt consumers into making a purcha [...]
  • Australian Copyright Agency tells of UK win - June 2, 2015
    The UK Publisher’s Association has successfully gained an order to have that country’s five main internet service providers block consumer access to websites promoting the online theft of ebooks. Investigations found at least 80 per cent of the reportedly 10 million ebook titles on seve [...]
  • Inmarsat, Gilat team up on broadband service delivery - June 2, 2015
    Global satellite company Inmarsat has partnered with Gilat Satellite Networks to provide a new wholesale, fully-managed, high-speed satellite broadband service to fixed VSAT operators. VSAT operators can now access the new service which is delivered over Inmarsat’s Global Xpress (GX) Ka-band [...]
  • Windows Media Centre – rest in peace - June 2, 2015
    Windows Media Center (WMC) is not compatible with Windows 10 and will be uninstalled before upgrading. It last shipped free on Windows 7 Home Premium, Pro and Ultimate. It has a loyal band of HTPC followers. It was available as a purchasable for Windows 8.x and frankly, that was the end of its [...]
  • NVIDIA ups the game with new GTX 980 Ti 4K graphics and G-Sync laptops - June 2, 2015
    The new GTX 980 Ti beats the not so old 980 – designed for 4K gaming as well as the now pedestrian 1080p and 1440p. I am not a gamer so forgive me if there are any nuances I have overlooked. I can say that this card has 6GB of 7GHz clocked GDDR5 VRAM on a 384-bit memory bus to give 336GB [...]

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  • Arduino Basics #5 – Add SD storage to Arduino - May 19, 2015
    Arduino Uno’s microcontroller board is great, but the one thing it’s not overly generous with is storage. Having 32KB of program flash storage, 2KB of RAM and 1KB of programmable EEPROM space at your disposal is fine for many Arduino projects, but it’s not enough when you need to r [...]
  • Android Masterclass: Hacking Google’s Chromecast - May 19, 2015
    It may have taken Google a year or so to decide Australia was ripe for its tiny online streaming media player, but Chromecast has become a popular addition to the local Android market. The device itself is wrapped up tightly in a web of Google firmware updates, but in the last few months, it’s [...]
  • Size and arrange charts using macros - May 11, 2015
    Learn how to size and place charts in an Excel worksheet. The post Size and arrange charts using macros appeared first on APC.
  • Pint sized PCs – The best mini computers rated - April 4, 2015
    Mini PCs are squeezing a full system into a box you can hold in one hand. Lindsay Handmer tests 10 to sort the best from the rest. The post Pint sized PCs – The best mini computers rated appeared first on APC.
  • HP Chromebox J4R41AA review - April 3, 2015
    Does anyone need a high-end Chromebox? HP thinks so. The post HP Chromebox J4R41AA review appeared first on APC.

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    • NSW carves up ServiceFirst - June 2, 2015
      The NSW government has outsourced the functions of the shared services agency ServiceFirst, in a move expected to deliver $20m a year in savings.
    • Apple’s new plan to stream music - June 2, 2015
      Apple is set to launch a rival to Spotify and other services that let users stream songs instead of buy them.
    • Optus raises cloud stakes - June 1, 2015
      Optus Business looks set to expand its ICT horizons and it isn’t fazed by the competition.
    • Making a spectacle of yourself - June 1, 2015
      I’ve been pounding pavements on my runs wearing a set of hi-tech smart glasses that is practical on the go.
    • MedicalDirector puts patients in touch - June 1, 2015
      Software company Medical-Director’s move into the consumer space will see it push out several new apps this year.

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