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  • Wi-Fi Passpoint standard now knits together SF, San Jose, London - October 25, 2014
    A partnership that lets Wi-Fi users get on free public networks in San Francisco and San Jose, California, with a one-time joining process now also covers a hotspot along the River Thames in London. The cities at either end of Silicon Valley used the Wi-Fi Alliance’s Passpoint specification t [...]
  • Google makes a strategic move, crowns Sundar Pichai as head of product at Google - October 24, 2014
    We have a saying around the Greenbot newsroom that the most exciting tech-centric news usually hits on Friday afternoons. Google just dropped a Friday afternoon news bomb. Recode reports that Google CEO Larry Page has transferred leadership of all core Google products over to Sundar Pichai, who was [...]
  • Nest acquires Revolv and immediately stops sales of one of the top smart-home hubs - October 24, 2014
    So you bought a Revolv smart hub to manage your smart home. You obviously recognized a well-designed product. The only problem now is that Nest Labs saw the same potential. The folks who designed the world’s most famous thermostat, since gobbled up by Google, have swallowed Revolv—and i [...]
  • Big Data Digest: Rise of the think-bots - October 24, 2014
    It turns out that a vital missing ingredient in the long-sought after goal of getting machines to think like humans—artificial intelligence—has been lots and lots of data. Last week, at the O’Reilly Strata + Hadoop World Conference in New York,’s head of artif [...]
  • Apple mum as Mac owners tussle with Yosemite over Wi-Fi problems - October 24, 2014
    The cries for help from frazzled Mac owners whose Wi-Fi connections went haywire after upgrading to OS X Yosemite are being met by Apple with stone-faced silence. Affected users have been filing a steady stream of complaints about the problem in discussion forums, blogs, and social media sites sinc [...]


  • China tests spacecraft for future manned Moon mission - October 24, 2014
    On Friday, October 24, 2014, the Chinese launched an unmanned spacecraft toward the Moon as part of its plans to eventually land their astronauts on the lunar surface.     The mission launched from its operations facility called the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, in southwestern China. [...]
  • Intel CEO to deliver CES 2015 keynote - October 23, 2014
    Intel’s CEO, Brian Krzanich, will give a keynote on January 6 at 4.30pm Las Vegas time to the assembled global audience of the International CES, and promises to talk of amazing experiences, innovation, driving forces and more. Chief Intel chipman, Brian Krzanich, will explain “what&rsq [...]
  • Telstra’s iPad pricing tips up: Air 2, Mini 3 - October 23, 2014
    Telstra is now selling the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 with Wi-Fi + Cellular at select stores and online, each with four plans from “S” with 1GB of data to “XL” with 15GB data per month. If you don’t want to buy a new iPad Air 2 or Mini 3 outright, telcos offering plans [...]
  • UltraServe goes for growth with Hybris Extend partnership - October 23, 2014
    Sydney-based managed cloud services company UltraServe has signed up as a managed public cloud provider for Hybris Software – a SAP company – in a partnership which the company says will result in faster growth in both the global and Australian market. The deal sees UltraServe become an [...]
  • Video: Watch a leech suck in a worm like spaghetti - October 23, 2014
    While hiking in Borneo, a tourist captures video of a "carnivorous leech eating a giant jungle worm".     Edward Graham was hiking on a trail inside Kinabalu Park, which is located in the northern end of the island of Borneo.   A "Giant Red Leech" is seen approach [...]

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    • Buyers stay with own devices - October 24, 2014
      THERE’S no end to new tablets hitting the local market in both Apple and Android flavours, but buyers are reacting with a yawn.
    • Telstra stuck at growth crossroads - October 24, 2014
      TELSTRA is laying bets on new technologies and acquisition targets that it hopes will bring in its next wave of growth.
    • Software predicts fraudsters - October 23, 2014
      THE US Securities and Exchange Commission used sophisticated software to predict which companies might engage in fraud.
    • Apple’s iPad Air 2 — hands on - October 23, 2014
      IS one small step with the iPad Air 2, another giant leap for Apple? Watch our video.
    • Bank to refund Apple Pay customers - October 23, 2014
      BANK of America has apologised for a double-billing glitch that’s affected some customers who made purchases with Apple Pay.

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    • Aussie surfer may have been sick - October 25, 2014
      THE Australian surfer who died at the famous Kuta Beach in Bali yesterday may have suffered a health problem, Denpasar police believe.
    • School shooter’s chilling tweet - October 25, 2014
      A POPULAR teenager who killed a classmate and shot four others before turning the gun on himself was thought to be suffering from a recent breakup.
    • Gaming giant quits after $63m loss - October 25, 2014
      INTRALOT abandons its Victorian Keno and scratchies business after a $63m loss in a disastrous gamble set up with Labor leader Daniel Andrews behind the bulk of negotiations.
    • Is Lindsay on the path to redemption? - October 25, 2014
      AT just 28, she has six prison terms, assorted sex scandals and an endless supply of dreadful, dreadful films. But has Lindsay Lohan just got it together?
    • Fire destroys Woori Yallock pub - October 25, 2014
      UPDATE: LOYAL patrons of a Yarra Ranges pub that burnt to the ground overnight have mourned the loss of the “much-loved establishment”.

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