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  • Netflix open-sources security incident management tool - May 5, 2015
    Netflix has released under an open-source license an internal tool it developed to manage a deluge of security alerts and incidents. Called FIDO (Fully Integrated Defense Operation), the tool is designed to research, score and categorize threats in order to speed up handling of the most urgent ones [...]
  • Sally Beauty investigates possible second card breach - May 5, 2015
    Sally Beauty Holdings said it is investigating another possible payment card breach, about a year after it reported a similar cyberattack. The retail chain, which runs nearly 2,800 stores in the U.S., said it has received reports of ”unusual activity” involving payment cards used at som [...]
  • Rombertik malware destroys computers if detected - May 5, 2015
    A new type of malware resorts to crippling a computer if it is detected during security checks, a particularly catastrophic blow to its victims. The malware, nicknamed Rombertik by Cisco Systems, is designed to intercept any plain text entered into a browser window. It is being spread through spam [...]
  • VCE's VxRack systems want to be Vblocks for the next generation - May 4, 2015
    EMC’s VCE division wants to take the engineered systems approach it’s honed with its Vblocks into next-generation mobile and cloud applications. On Monday, it introduced the VCE VxRack System, a hyperconverged platform designed to scale out to thousands of racks of computing and storage [...]
  • Microsoft picks security for the enterprise win - May 4, 2015
    Microsoft is betting that good security support will be key to keeping its enterprise customers from straying to rivals. At the kickoff of the company’s Ignite conference for IT professionals, Microsoft executives unveiled a number of advanced security services, and took jabs at competitor Go [...]


  • Router market in decline due to ‘over-buy’ capacity - May 5, 2015
    The Australian market for routers has stopped growing over the past 18 months and equipment supplies might be in for a “sustained drought” in revenues, according to a new market research report. According to IDC, the market for routers in Australia was growing until the end of 2013 but [...]
  • 85% of SAP licensees uncommitted to new cloud-based S/4HANA - May 5, 2015
    Global research released at the Sapphire Now 2015 conference shows new SAP S/4HANA product is a major stumbling block to existing customers. SAP touts S/4HANA as "the next generation business suite designed to help you run simple in the digital economy." Yet, customers aren't believi [...]
  • NetComm to enable Hitachi energy monitoring systems - May 4, 2015
    Global electronics company Hitachi has selected Australian Machine-to-Machine (M2M) devices and solutions provider NetComm Wireless (ASX:NTC) to enable its remote energy monitoring and management systems for international customers. Designed to interoperate with mobile networks globally, NetComm Wi [...]
  • Workers of the Nokia world knock Nokia - May 4, 2015
    The Good Electronics Network which works for human and labour rights has published a nearly two-decade profile on Nokia from a workers’ perspective. The Good Electronics Network is an organisation that says it ‘brings together networks, organisations and individuals that are concer [...]
  • Fibre: good for the environment, not just your bowels - May 4, 2015
    There are clear environmental benefits to a full optical fibre network, in stark contrast to FTTN which comes a cropper as fibre to the copper. According to the Environmental News Network (ENN), fibre-based telecommunications networks are much more environmentally friendly when compared to cop [...]

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  • Pint sized PCs – The best mini computers rated - April 4, 2015
    Mini PCs are squeezing a full system into a box you can hold in one hand. Lindsay Handmer tests 10 to sort the best from the rest. The post Pint sized PCs – The best mini computers rated appeared first on APC.
  • HP Chromebox J4R41AA review - April 3, 2015
    Does anyone need a high-end Chromebox? HP thinks so. The post HP Chromebox J4R41AA review appeared first on APC.
  • Asus Chromebox M093U review - April 2, 2015
    Chromebox delivers an alternative mini PC experience. The post Asus Chromebox M093U review appeared first on APC.
  • The Builder’s Guide to Minecraft on sale now! - April 2, 2015
    The debut issue of The Builder’s Guide to Minecraft is on newsagent shelves as of today. Find out what's inside the issue! The post The Builder’s Guide to Minecraft on sale now! appeared first on APC.
  • Shuttle XH97V review - April 1, 2015
    The mini PC for those who need multiple monitors. The post Shuttle XH97V review appeared first on APC.

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    • Live: Hodge cops ban, May guilty - May 5, 2015
      HAWTHORN captain Luke Hodge has been suspended for three matches, while Gold Coast defender Steven May lost his appeal.
    • Greedy CBA only passes on partial cut - May 5, 2015
      HOMEOWNERS will have about $47 more in their pockets a month thanks to today’s interest rate cut — but the Commonwealth Bank kept some of the cut for itself.
    • Forget Alzheimer’s, it’s brain overload - May 5, 2015
      SCORES of the “worried well” fear they have degenerative memory conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease when the problem is just brain overload.
    • Homebuyers urged to make a move - May 5, 2015
      BUYERS have been warned to act fast but be wary of taking on too much debt as the Reserve Bank cuts official interest rates to a record low 2 per cent.
    • Teen ‘planned to behead officer’ - May 5, 2015
      UPDATE: A TEEN accused of conspiring with an associate to commit an alleged Anzac Day terror plot will have to wait until Friday to learn if he is to be granted bail.

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